friend of mine discovered recently that through a genuine mistake (they all say that!), she had been driving for 3 years with no insurance on her car. 
Yesterday Nottingham Police pulled over an 82 year old man who admitted to having been driving since he was 12 years old. He also admitted he had never had a driving licence and never had insurance. For 70 years, he had maintained a perfect driving record with no accidents and no traffic offences. 
The Police spokesman said that everyone needed to be careful because there were a lot of ANPR units on the road and if you were offending you would get caught. 
Well, forgive me officer but 70 years and you have never spotted him and 3 years and you have never spotted her tells me there is a flaw in the system!! 
What about this? I walk past a fixed speed camera as a car passes it and the camera goes off. The car is a high performance Porsche and to keep the beautiful looks of the front end, the driver has removed the number plate (it is happening a lot, have you noticed?). 
I walk into a sandwich shop and a couple of Police officers are there cautioning the owner for offering cheese as a filling. Anyway, I mention the Porsche ripping through the camera, no plate and so on. 
The officer said that the offence will be ignored as the Police do not have the resources to try and track down the car - so, scot free then!! 
Meanwhile, yesterday I got mugged by a 5 year old. 
Every week, I gather a small team and as a bit of release, we film a couple of dances or larking about and put them out on TikTok and Instagram (daniel picave / picave le peg / mckenzie picave). My view is that it allows potential clients to see we have a sense of humour and are human. 
Anyway, back to the mugging. Archie, 5 year old mugger insisted on 2 fairy cakes in order to show us his moves on the table top. I reluctantly agreed. 
We agreed the scene, rehearsed and were ready to shoot when Archie suddenly re-pitched the deal and said he needed 2 fairy cakes and a bag of Maltesers otherwise he was not throwing shapes. 
Never mind, no insurance or no licence, children today have no respect!! The thousands of accumulated views across our accounts tell me that I didn't need him anyway - what would the viewing audience rather see, a cute 5 year old or an old dude having a seizure?? 
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