Daniel Picave, McKenzie Friend & Litigant In Person Support 

Finding the grey between black and white 

Solicitors, lawyers, the whole of the legal profession are a cornerstone of our society. Their contribution to administering criminal law and complex aspects of civil and corporate law is essential. 
The legal profession is expensive. The legal aid budget is diminishing every year and the areas of law which attract legal aid support are fast disappearing. The legal profession is geared up to manage conflict and dispute. The legal profession thrives on conflict and dispute. The legal profession is designed to pick a side, prosecuting or defending but never both. 
So, what is the alternative? 
Daniel Picave is the alternative. Using the instruments of McKenzie Friend and supporting a Litigant in Person, Daniel Picave is your companion on your legal journey. 
At Daniel Picave, we have no interest in choosing sides or beating an opponent. Our only objective is to secure the fairest and most sensible outcome to your legal difficulty. At our early meetings, we may disagree what the most sensible outcome looks like because you are weighed down by the emotion of the situation and we are not. Rest assured, we will support you throughout the journey and strive for the right outcome. 
Our support is our familiarity with the legal process. Our support is empathy and strength. Our support is being by your side. Our support is helping you to make the right decisions at each crossroads. 
At Daniel Picave, we work with the Family Court to navigate through to a sensible destination for child custody disputes, marriage breakdowns and family settlements. 
At Daniel Picave, we work with the Civil Court to support you in legal disputes, debt issues, driving offences, landlord-tenant issues, the list goes on. 
When we feel backed into a corner, we all want a champion to battle for us and defeat our enemy. Sometimes, the collateral damage is far less if we choose to let someone show us the way out of the corner without the use of a clenched fist. 
Daniel Picave is waiting to listen to the details of the obstacle which is obstructing your life. Then we will work with you, your children, your family and whoever else we need to and overcome the obstacle. 
Positive life is not about dispute. Positive life is about finding the path of compromise that everyone can walk along. 
The involvement of Daniel Picave begins with an initial, free, no obligation telephone or video conference. During this exploratory meeting, you outline your situation and what you are trying to achieve. Daniel Picave then details the framework in which we work and gives you a very honest first assessment as to whether we can help.  
All work undertaken is charged at £40 per incurred hour. Follow the link for full details. 

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"you weren't expecting that, were you?"... 

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