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"push the air, own the breeze" 

At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we listen to what you are saying, rather than simply waiting for our turn to speak. Anxiety & stress therapy. Mindfulness. Meditation methods. Life coaching. Grief counselling. Neuro-linguistic programming. Rational emotive behaviour therapy. Goal setting. Corporate wellness. Positive thinking. Relationship guidance. Endorphin therapy. Self-forgiveness. It does not matter what counselling techniques we apply. It does not matter what coaching methods we call upon. All that matters is you. All that matters is that you are more focused, more directed, more centred. All that matters is you leave us feeling more complete. 

So, what does Daniel Picave coaching & counselling offer? 

Daniel Picave coaching & counselling is a session based product. The sessions can be undertaken at our counselling suite, at your home, at your workplace or in a mutually agreed venue; Daniel Picave actively promotes combining counselling with a good stroll as a great way to exercise the body and the mind. 
The counselling suite of Daniel Picave is based in Measham in Leicestershire. The private location standing in its own grounds has ample parking. The location of Oak Tree House on the very edge of Measham provides absolute discretion and confidentiality for clients visiting. 
Following an initial, free, no obligation telephone or video conference call, clients are guided into the appropriate coaching & counselling path with Daniel Picave. At the inaugural coaching & counselling session, the plan is agreed including goal setting and putting a timeframe on the relationship. Focus is important from day one and so putting a timeframe in place ensures the coaching & counselling’s push towards an agreed conclusion is finite. 
After the initial session, all sessions are charged at £30 per hour. Follow the link for full details. 
The paths which Daniel Picave will lead you down, follow you down and walk alongside you on are: 
Corporate Wellness – including but not limited to redundancy management, home working health checks & anxiety, potential & fulfilment, Covid anxiety, Team dynamics. 
Personal Achieving & Self Esteem – including but not limited to goal setting, self esteem building, clarity modelling, motivational input, recognising mental health, living your best life. 
Grief – including but not limited grief therapy, grief embracing, complicated grief, grief through life episode (non fatality), chronic grief. 
Relationships – including but not limited to dealing with relationships as an individual, couples therapy, couples preventative counselling, couples dissolution, family break up, post relationship structuring for children. 

Don’t look for your situation in a list, contact us today and let’s look together!! 

Coaching & counselling is for everyone 

Coaching & counselling is for everyone. It is not reserved just for those who are wrestling with their mental health. It is not reserved for Hollywood A Listers who are 'in therapy'. It is for the working Mum who just feels she may be drowning. It is for the young man struggling to understand his personality. It is for the successful individual who feels they have hit a plateau. It is for the couple who have maybe stopped feeling the 'us'. It is for you. Life is challenging. Life is full of angst. We all have a mental health.  
The potential for you in Daniel Picave coaching & counselling is not measured by our perception of the obstacles in your life; it is measured by yours. Some people go to the gym to lose weight. Some people go to the gym to keep the body trim. Some people go to the gym to be the best they can physically be. Our mental health is as important as our physical health. Come and exercise yours with Daniel Picave coaching & counselling. We flex potential. We overcome obstacles. We face down what is holding you back. We set you on the path to be the best you can be. At the point where you are flying towards your future faster than we can keep up, we let go of your hand and watch you soar. We let you push the air and own the breeze. 
“I have counselling with Daniel Picave so I never need therapy”…Rachel attends a 4 weekly session which she treats in the same way as going to the hairdressers. She leaves us feeling revitalised and empowered. 

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"I'm listening"... 

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