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Picave Le Peg is the spin-off clothing brand of Daniel Picave. The decision to launch a clothing brand came out of a mad Friday when the team was kicking around ideas on how to increase our reach with normal people like you and us. 
Why Picave Le Peg? Well, we were talking about clothing that you pick off the peg and jump straight into and immediately just feel better. It struck us that the reason we exist as an organisation is to do our best to make people feel better. So, after a lot of talking, pick off the peg morphed into Picave Le Peg. 
We don’t have any plans to challenge Gucci or Prada but we did want the clothing to stand for something so that led to more conversation. The outcome was a decision to make a monetary donation towards charities and community projects working to eradicate domestic abuse and child poverty. So, every time we sell a garment, we will send money via our giving links to our nominated charities and projects. 
Oh and those donations won’t go in our name, they will go in the name of the person buying the garment. 
Picave Le Peg wraps a garment around your shoulders to keep you warm and reaches out to someone in need – that can’t be a bad thing, can it? 

"That's as maybe, but can you fly?"... 

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