We were chatting at the end of a counselling session about the awkwardness of unwanted advances. It led us to thinking about how the conversation might go if you were trying to fend off the advances of a Greek goddess… 
Hi. Yes, I saw you had called. No, I was not ignoring your call, just perhaps delaying it if I am honest. Yes, I know we do. Yes, I know we did. 
Yes, I know about the mountain and the clouds and the heavenly hand maidens and the paradise. It all sounds wonderful. No really, it sounds like a delightful proposition and I have no doubt I would have a tremendous time. Yes very satisfying I am sure. Yes, you have explained the role of the hand maidens and yes that is obviously very appealing. To be fair, we have gone through this in some detail more than once. 
No, I don't want to upset you. No, I am not deliberately trying to make you cry. No, I do not wish to suffer your wrath. As I have explained already, there is not someone else, there is her. Yes, her. I really don't want to labour this point but if you insist, yes, perhaps she is the one. 
No, I don't think she has any superpowers other than the disarming ability to make me want her. No, she does not command an army as large as yours but that is perhaps a little irrelevant unless I was planning to invade somewhere. No, she is not a daughter of Zeus nor did she descend from the top of a mountain to walk amongst us. 
Well, as I have said before, in some small way, in the only world which matters to me, which is my world, she is a Goddess. She brings light. She brings love. She brings joy. She brings desire. She radiates and to be fair, that puts her on a par with you. So let's not make this awkward, just turn away, precious Goddess. 
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