Admired: What are you doing to me? 
Admirer: Engaging your receptors. 
Admired: What does that even mean? 
Admirer: It means the chemical laboratory in your brain is setting off chemical reactions at an incredible pace and those reactions are intensifying entirely outside your control. 
Admired: And in English? 
Admirer: Ok, do you remember when you were a child and you saw something in a toy shop which appealed to you? 
Admired: Yes, of course. 
Admirer: What happened to that appeal? 
Admired: I don't know what you mean? 
Admirer: We will walk through it together. You saw it. Let's say it was an action figure and the data captured by your eyes was relayed to your brain which processed it and fed it through millions of chemical, erm, auditions let's say and the first feelings of warmth and appeal registered with you. 
Admired: Right, I think I am following this. Go on. 
Admirer: So you now have the action figure in your mind and the data continues to be tested and auditioned against bench data in your chemical laboratory... 
Admired: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what does that mean? 
Admirer: The action figure is now in your imagination and being compared against toys you already own to see if it will be liked. The intensity of the testing increases and the result in your conscientiousness is you find yourself wanting the action figure. You ask for it. The processing continues and do you recall what happened next? 
Admired: Ah, you don't just want it anymore. you need it, right? 
Admirer: Exactly. The intensification in your brain attaches a series of chemical filters to the action figure and you believe you need it. The desire to have it escalates to it being essential. 
Admired: Ok, I see all that but what are you doing to me? 
Admirer: Well by design, nothing at all. My chemical laboratory and yours are doing the same thing, processing visual images captured by our eyes. Your brain is comparing the visual data, me, to similar data and experiences and possessions. The results being reported back are saying that it is a want and as further processing takes place along with some visual stimulation, want is becoming need... for us both. 
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