I met the man who turns on the night today. Who knew there was such a man? A quiet man. An unassuming man who turns on the night each day. Well, more specifically he turns off the day and the night fills the empty space. He said he has done it for years and is hoping for a clock or a watch when he stops doing it. I asked how they recruit for such a job and when he stops, who will replace him? He said he just kind of found himself doing the job one day, he has no idea how he started. He has no idea why he started. He is the man who turns on the night each day. He said when he finishes which gets closer every night, they will not replace him. Why ever not, I wondered. He told me when he turns on the night for the very last time, it will stay on for an indefinite period according to his worksheet. I didn't see that coming... 
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