The man sat on the harbour wall as the waves crashed so close to him that the salted spray stung his eyes and gave the impression that he was weeping. The driving rain whipped around him stirred up by the gale blowing in from the ocean. No-one else braved the weather or faced the danger of the sea as closely as him and so nobody heard him talking loudly. 
“I knew love. I knew the sensation of love and I adored it. I held love in my hand and the warmth of it tickled my fingers. Then I lost it. 
I lost it because the crowds mocked and crowed and some self-appointed emperor turned their thumb to the ground and had me slaughtered. Slaughtered by social graces and expectation. Slaughtered by the weight of perception which was too much. Too much to shoulder and so shedding the load was easier. 
Oh, to have known love but chosen to cast it aside for fear of a wave of judgement from a crowd that never really mattered in the first place.” 
The man sat on the harbour wall with the salted spray stinging his eyes as he wept... 
This piece was inspired by a counselling session with a client who likened the troubles in his life to a stormy sea. Sometimes finding an image makes talking openly much easier. The client found they could put into words more freely what they were experiencing. 
Many thanks to him for agreeing for this post to be published. 
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