Picave Le Peg is alive! Daniel Picave felt that a clothing range would help us to spread some key messages and also support our charity work. We felt we could reach different audiences. We wanted to broadcast positive mental health messages through a different medium, hence putting the messages on tee shirts and hoodies. 
Oh, who are we trying to kid? We just wanted to sit amongst our peers and say, “yes, there is the global clothing brand, of course, but we don’t talk about it”… 
We designed some garments that you, the fashion conscious reader, can pick off the peg and wear. That is where Picave Le Peg derived from, pick off the peg, get it? 
Aside from the fun we will have with the brand and the interesting journey ahead as we refine the range and understand what people like. There is a mission objective for Picave Le Peg. Every garment sold will send a donation to domestic abuse and child poverty charities. Every garment sold. That is our promise and it will not change. 
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