I know it is inappropriate, wrong even but he touches me so gently and his fingers caress so deftly. I knew the word caress but never the sensation of caress until he touched me. Gentle, I want to find another word but it was, it was gentle like I was delicate, like I was precious, like touching me was a privilege for him, like I was priceless. 
I find myself standing close to him, not politely close to him as you do to an acquaintance or even a friend but so close to him that our bodies kiss in ten different places and the thrill of each place sends a rush which makes me shudder. When I realise I am doing it, when I realise I am merging myself with him, I step back but the distance created quickly fades away as I am drawn to him once more. 
The craft he has, the art he has in drawing me to him with words which he picks to form a bouquet to present to me; with subtle glances and sculpted eye contact which draws me to him. It is a craft honed on a thousand women before me but it intoxicates me and I want... 
...I want my moment under his fingertips, my moment upon his lips, my moment drowning in the arousal of his experience. 
In the couples therapy offered through Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling we explore the excitement and mystique offered by a potential or ongoing lover. We identify the elements making up that excitement and seek to instil them within the boundaries of the relationship. 
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