Daniel Picave has punged itself into the world of domestic abuse this year. Well, to be fair, we have lived in this world for a while with our counselling and court activities. This year has been different though. This year we have stepped outside our own experiences and gone in search of other organisations working in this area. 
We are now in contact with organisations involved in the fight against domestic violence, honour killings, genital mutilation, institutional rape, the list goes on and on. We have been horrified by the accounts we have heard but most of all is an overwhelming sadness that, as humans we are capable of doing this to each other. 
We recently launched the Sisterhood design within Picave Le Peg. It is designed to allow women and those who identify with women to show their allegiance to the victims of domestic abuse. It is a rallying cry. 
Yes, a percentage of the sale goes to charities involved in the alleviation of domestic violence and we are delighted by that. At this stage though, what is more important to us is that this single word is seen on streets and in homes across the country so everyone knows, you are not alone.  
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