Think of this life as an aeroplane where you find your seat, sit down and wait for take-off. I have spent years on this aeroplane walking up and down the aisle trying different seats and always ending up in the wrong one. I sit for a while but then someone comes along with a boarding card closer to the seat number than mine and I find myself back in the aisle. I am sure I have passed you, me walking up as you are walking down and I am sure that briefly, once, we sat next to each other. We made small talk about hopes and dreams and how it would be perfect if these were our correct seats but then a chubby man came along or maybe an old man and unseated me and I am back in the aisle. I turned around a moment later and you were back in the aisle too going the other way… 
Does this resonate with you and make you think about your own life? Maybe just talking about it with someone who has the time to listen and the desire to help you find the right seat would be a good thing to do. 
Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling has stood in the aisle and pointed lots of people just like you to the right seat. 
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