Sunday 21st June is Father’s Day. A day dedicated to recognising Fathers, Dads, Stepfathers, Stepdads and Father figures. Now whilst Mothers have had a day to celebrate them since the early 1900’s in the UK, Fathers had to wait until the late 1940’s before the arrival of Father’s Day. 
It was accepted in society that Fathers were the providers, a task they undertook without recognition or fuss. It was simply not de rigueur for Fathers and Dads to seek praise… and almost 80 years on, we Fathers are still a little light in the praise department, hey Dads? 
Father’s Day much like Mother’s Day was born in the USA. Sonora Smart Dodd celebrated Father’s Day on the third Sunday in June for the first time in 1910 in Spokane, Washington to honour her Father. The idea quickly caught on in the USA and started to travel around the world. Whilst the date of the occasion varies in different countries from March in Mongolia to November in Scandinavia; the third Sunday in June is the chosen date for well over 90 countries. 
Despite the constraints of lockdown, Covid-19, and social distancing, why not make a day for the Dads and Fathers in your life this year? 
Your Dad, the Father or Fathers in your life are unique characters, celebrate them. Despite the tables being empty, many of the restaurants still have busy kitchens providing mouth-watering food so let us treat Dad. Whether it is authentic street food from Vietnam or pasta just like Mama used to make, the delights are there if you seek them out. 
The restaurants of the world would have loved to be full of families celebrating Fathers, daughters treating Dads, sons saluting their senior, but they cannot. Does that mean they have taken Father’s Day off the menu? Absolutely not. If Father’s Day this year is not going to bring you to the tables of the restaurants, then the restaurants are coming to your table instead!! 
Search out an artisan burger or bourguignon. Capture a crème brulee or crème anglaise. Pick up the phone or ignite those broadband fibres to reel in a sea bass or tuna niçoise. Let me tell you the restaurants are not idle, they are cooking, creating, and crafting for your delight. 
Make Father’s Day about food, about feasting, about family. Whether you rustle up one of the many recipes being animated by the chefs. Whether you order one of the takeaway meals being offered by the restaurants. Whether you pick up one of the ‘straight to oven’ meals being prepared by the eateries. Salute the Fathers and Stepfathers and Father figures; celebrate Dad, whatever the whether. 
Despite the weight of constraint, the restaurants have been making meals to feed the vulnerable and making food to delight customers, old and new. Father’s Day is Sunday 21st June. Make it about him. Make it about food. 
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