There is so much conflicting research about how we will behave in the new normal. Will we rush out into the world take a deep breath and resume exactly where we left off? Will we continue to stay inside, cocooned by the safety that only home can provide? 
At times like these, I find solace in talking it over with Sam. He has a view on most things and will take a squint at anything else which is not in his library and quickly form a view to serve the conversation. I love to hear Sam’s view and debate it. On occasions his view is beyond comprehensive and clearly formulated using a copy of yesterday’s Daily Sport and a canter around Google before his battery dies. 
In these challenging times, I need Sam’s perspective on Specsavers new poster boy. I need him to explain the convoluted equations leading to the statistics we are fed each day. Sam will stroke his long beard, run his fingers through his product infused hair and pass judgement on the irony of MPs voting not to stay at home. 
I can hear his vehement passion as he brings his fist down on the counter to declare that black lives do matter and it is not okay to use tear gas as a facilitator for a photo opportunity. Then he will spin on his heels and deliver a scything analysis of sport played in empty stadiums. In the blink of an eye he has turned again and is commenting on the monologue approach adopted by The Archers and the social media storm around Madonna’s underwear. 
Given the strength and knowledge of this sage who could easily play a role in SAGE, it is ironic that the one person I cannot seek the counsel of during these challenging times is Sam. I want to stand at the end of the bar and watch as he juggles half a dozen drinks orders with absolute ease, engages himself in half a dozen different conversations and deals like half a dozen opinions like a Vegas croupier. 
I will get back to all these dilemmas once I have had the chance to spend an evening talking it over with Sam. 
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