The sky was blue but dull as the sky always was. It used the edges of the clouds to dab at its bruises caused by thousands, no tens of thousands of aeroplanes ripping through it. 
The trees stood almost in silence barely able to summon up the enthusiasm to rustle as news reached them of another cousin felled. 
The sea coughed and a grey froth erupted on its surface amidst a bobbing crowd of empty plastic bottles and bags. 
A dolphin briefly broke the surface with a tear cascading where tainted salt water had stung its eyes. 
Another roll of grey, suffocating concrete was laid out pushing meadow flowers and grass out of the way. 
Imagine if a Grandfather on hearing about the imminent arrival of a new grandchild looked out at the world and saw nothing beautiful to greet them with. Imagine if that Grandfather got the whole world to stop, reflect and rebuild. Imagine if all that he wanted was love plus one…coming in Autumn 2021. 
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