“I took the car to be served today. I get it regularly serviced because the last thing I want is to be broken down on the side of the road with my partner and children in the car. That would be a nightmare.” 
At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we accept that this is a great attitude to have. The only thing is why don’t we apply the same attitude to our relationship? We keep driving our relationship until one day we find ourselves broken on the side of life’s road and then we try and fix it. 
Through our couples and relationship counselling, we encourage a preventative maintenance approach. Come and see us before you break down and let us work with you to service the relationship and eradicate our repairs before they occur. 
Just starting out together? Just moving in together? Just beginning a new chapter, perhaps children or a new job? Come and see us and let’s just give the relationship an honest and open health check. 
No one wants to be broken on the side of the road, do they? 
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