Hey, only us, we just wanted to leave this note whilst it crossed our mind and it seems appropriate to do so. It is almost time to begin this chapter and with that will come the launch of this, whatever this is. 
We will plagiarise some of the stuff from previous carnations. Why would we not do that? Because it is good and this is our world just as all the new worlds beyond this are ours too!! We will ponder relevance but that is an internal debate, so don't worry yourself about it. 
We accept that some of the stuff on here will seem a little self-indulgent with reflection but that is the written word, it is self-indulgent. We write because we want to say something, because we want to self-indulge and despite what it may appear, the front row of the auditorium listening intently to this stuff is us and anyone else who wanted to be there. If any of the other seats are taken, that is great and we appreciate your attention but we are playing to the front row. 
Hope to bump into you by the popcorn concession or maybe the pick & mix, my friend. 
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