There is such unrest in the world and human beings are using other human beings as pawns in political games. The immigrants amassing on the Poland / Belarus border. The starving millions in Afghanistan despite 20 years of infrastructure building by Western superpowers. The tragedy in Yemen. The forgotten plight in Syria. The list goes on and on. We all allow the media to direct our attention to the story they want us to see, the story they want us to feel.  
The damage that causes is that injustices go unnoticed in our own backyard, on our doorstep.  
A lady goes home to her husband and in-laws filled with pride as she has secured a promotion at work. The husband responds by saying it is time for her to leave work and have children. She says she is not ready to do that yet. She says she wants to continue building her career before stepping back to have children in a few years.  
Her mother-in-law and father-in-law each take a firm hold of her arms and press her against the wall of the lounge. Her husband takes a shoe and beats her with it so savagely that he knocks out a tooth and leaves a hairline fracture on her eye socket. 
This episode took place in this country in a suburban town in the early evening on a Tuesday. It could have been your town, your street. 
Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling works with couples who want to remove this outrageous practice from their relationship. We work with individuals who are victims of domestic violence and we work with perpetrators of domestic violence. It is never okay to impose your will on someone else. Reach out to us today. 
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