At Daniel Picave we accept that there is a horse for every course and we cannot be experts in everything. In light of that, we called on a couple of retail experts and fashion commentators to give us their view on Picave Le Peg. When we took the decision to launch the clothing business, we had no desire to become a worldwide fashion brand. We still have no ambition for that to happen.  
The experts looked at our designs and how we were going about sourcing the garments and the sales platforms we were using. We opted to launch and also promote our work on the multi-seller site, Etsy.  
The conclusion drawn by the retail and fashion experts was that whilst they admired our intentions and whilst we had all the building blocks of a clothing brand, we were obviously not a real clothing company. 
We did not go into the clothing business to be a 'real clothing company'. We went into the clothing business to provide a way of getting positive messages out there. We wanted to make people feel better about themselves. We wanted to give a proportion of the profits away to help people. We wanted proper people to prefer to wear Picave Le Peg because of our values. So, at Daniel Picave we believe our intentions are very real and we are delighted to go forward with the hashtags, #notarealclothingcompany #properpeoplepreferpicave  
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