Natalie contacted Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling as she was struggling with finding the motivation to make some big decisions in her life. She had been to a counsellor some six months earlier and using her words, she felt: 
“The whole counselling experience had been a bit airy-fairy. The guy gave the impression of listening to me but then just told me stuff which I didn’t relate to. I drew the conclusion that he wasn’t listening to me, he was listening out for me to stop speaking so he could start.” 
Natalie plucked up the courage to try the counselling route again as she continued to struggle in her daily life. She came to Daniel Picave and currently she is five sessions in and starting to regain control of her life once more. 
At the end of one of her initial sessions, Natalie said, “the counsellor hardly said a word and yet when he did, it was clear he was listening to me.” 
At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we have nothing to say until you say something. 
With special thanks to Natalie for allowing us to share her story. 
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