The clients who come to Daniel Picave for relationship counselling are often told it is more hard work than hand holding. 
Relationships are tough to navigate with give and take on both sides. The absolute joy of lying on sun loungers, whether on holiday or in your own back yard, contented with the one you love comes at a cost. The cost is days and weeks of battling all the pressures of everyday life whilst maintaining open lines of communication when all you want to say is “f**k off and leave me alone!” 
At Daniel Picave, we recognise that hand holding and moments of contentment are the prizes we earn when we win at life. We work with our clients to shape their expectations. There will be roses. There will be sunsets. There will be moments that take your breath away. But…only after the bins have been put out, the washing up has been done, that shirt you need for tomorrow has been ironed and you have made it through the clawing mud of every day. 
Daniel Picave works with individuals and couples. Clients joining us are sometimes in crisis but just as often they are using counselling as a positive workout for their relationship. We service our cars to avoid them breaking down, why not do the same with our relationships? 
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