At Daniel Picave, as a McKenzie Friend, we believe our role is to see through the pain, distress and emotion of a separation or child custody dispute.  
We help our client to focus on what is in the best interests of the children involved. 
We do not take instruction as a legal practice would to protract a dispute and secure a win for you at any cost. 
We strive to be the voice of reason. Our role is to support you through the processes and protocols of Family Court. Our role is to work with you, the other parent and the Court to find the best solution for everyone involved but most importantly, for the children. 
Daniel Picave is an unwavering advocate of the ‘Light Not Hate’ campaign championed by the McKenzie Friend UK Network. The campaign seeks for all Family Court cases to pursue an objective of light and find the best possible outcome for all concerned. The campaign seeks to condemn an objective of hate where opposing parties, where opposing parents, are pitched against each other. 
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