The world of Daniel Picave is a diverse one. Through our counselling, coaching, McKenzie Friend, lay advocate, freelance writing, authored books and casual wear products, we come into contact with lots of different people. We bring people into our world where they stay awhile before leaving us to carry on with their own journey.  
At Daniel Picave, the mental health of the team is sustained by the diversity of our activity. At Daniel Picave, we enjoy the interaction with people and we enjoy being their guide as they spend time in the picaverse.  
Each of us has our own world and our own set of planets which revolve around our own sun. As we travel through life surrounded by our own universe, we have a hundred thousand opportunities to combine our universe with someone else's, for a moment or for a lifetime. 
Daniel Picave has a universe which is shaped by imagination and compassion and strength and support...why not join us for a while in the picaverse?  
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