David, that’s not his real name, but let’s call him that. David is working from home these days. The recent pandemic, not sure if you heard about it, resulted in his employer telling him to work from home. It was safer for David. It was safer for his colleagues. David is a senior guy. He has his own office in the multistorey head office of the company. He has a personal assistant called Jason. Jason is not his real name but let’s call him that. David has a team. They sit in a partitioned workspace outside his office door. When David shouts, they respond. David’s new office is his kitchen table. He didn’t have a spare room to convert into an office at home. It is, after all his home not their office. He sets up his office every morning and breaks it down every night so the children can use the table to eat their evening meal. The company has decided that David can stay at home and they can reduce their multistorey head office in terms of size and cost. 
Jason is shared now with three other senior managers. The partitioned workspace has gone and David’s team zoom in when he needs them. David has lost some of his authority. David has lost some of his ego. David has lost the water cooler interaction. David has lost his mistress. David has lost the boundaries between his home life and his work life. David just doesn’t seem himself these days. 
At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling the mental health of employees who have been forced, through circumstances, to work from home is a growing concern. Our corporate wellness and employee evaluation services allow the impact of changes in working lives to be explored and assessed in an honest and no blame environment. Whatever the changes, when you evaluated saving the costs, did you evaluate saving the people? 
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