I wish I knew but then to be fair for thirty years or more, I wish I knew but then if I did know, would it help? Probably not. The decisions would have been the same because they had to be. They were scripted to be and I was scripted to be here now, wishing, just wishing I knew. 
You're no help. 
Yes, we talk or rather I talk but I get nothing back. I am faced with a dozen avenues, A dozen different avenues and I have to choose one and I wish I knew. I wish I had time to know. Time to form a framework and then fill it with sculptures, sculpted with words and phrases and limp puns. 
You're no help. 
A dozen avenues and I wish I knew and all you do is listen which is gratifying but occasionally, just occasionally a bit back would be good. I am probably a hundred steps away from the intersection of these avenues and when I reach it, there is no time to dawdle, dally or defer, I must stride with purpose down one avenue but if I am honest, I wish I knew... 
At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we can’t tell you which avenue to take but we can give you all the tools to allow you to make that decision for yourself. We will listen attentively and when it is right, we will speak. When we listen, we are digesting every word you say rather than just listening for the gap so we can fill it with our voice. At Daniel Picave, we have nothing to say until you say something. 
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