We just walked side by side and smiled at the world, George & me. He was wearing an old belt with pop bottles hanging from it, it turned a few heads but it didn't bother us, George & me. I was carrying a broken umbrella, I do it a lot and people stare but it didn't bother us, George & me. We put the world to rights like two super heroes but without the capes and trappings of other super heroes, we are a little more low key, George & me. 
This paragraph is the opening salvo of an epic poem consisting of 217 separate verses exploring the journey from the womb to death. The poem entitled, If Only We Were Serious, has taken four years to compose and refine. 
Every alternating verse is written in iambic pentameter and if the reader is familiar with the Fibonacci sequence, applying this to the verse count will reveal a holiday destination which the first reader to identify it can win.  
Contact us to receive your complementary copy of If Only We Were Serious. 
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