I let just the quiet breathe today. I let the silence of other people's chatter fill the air where I would normally offer mine. I let a world I want to be in be without me today. Sometimes I am not needed. Sometimes I have nothing to offer. Sometimes I accept that I am a guest, a bit part in a soap opera that carries on without me, that will carry on without me should my part get cut when the audience demands. Yes, sometimes I make my presence felt and I get the great lines but in reality, I am a guest and guests leave. The story continues when I am not in it, stories do that and I hope that the story does not move on so much that I have no lines, no part, no presence. When that day comes, it will be when only the quiet breathes and I am mentioned occasionally but not often as that's what happens with guests. 
Do you sometimes feel or do you often feel that you have no role to play within your own life? You feel almost surplus to requirement, unneeded. At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we work with clients to explore why they feel this way and help them to rediscover their own value and their own contribution. 
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