I won't mention it if you don't he thought as the silence deafened them both. He threw some bread on the conversation pond by mentioning something trivial which had happened today in the hope that he would take the bait and take them somewhere else, anywhere else away from this silent crowded space with its gigantic elephant. 
He opened his mouth as if he was about to take a large bite of the trivial but instead he spoke about the elephant and not just about the elephant; he fed the elephant, he climbed up on its back and rode the elephant, he worshipped the elephant. He didn't say much if you count the words but he spoke like some ecclesiastical messiah and he heard what he said. 
At Daniel Picave Coaching & Counselling, we always address the elephant in the room. If we aren’t talking about the elephant, how can we ever expect to get past it and out of the door? 
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