The late October sunshine enshrined the paddocks and enclosures in a rich light. My four-year-old daughter ran across the lawn beside herself with excitement about the animals she had just seen and the animals she had yet to see. I gathered her up in my arms and she wrapped hers around my neck. There is nothing to compare with the love between a Father and his daughter. I adored her. I adore her. 
We share the same birthday my daughter and I and this was our birthday treat to ourselves. A day out, just us, no-one else, just the birthday boy and the birthday girl. The memory of that day pops up from time to time and the details are blended from that visit and a visit we made to the same venue when my daughter was ten or eleven. She is twenty-one this year, where did the years go? 
Chester Zoo is everything a zoo needs to be. It is a haven for animals in a kingdom of compassion. It is world renowned. It is essential to the prevention of extinction. It is a scientific centre. It is a brilliant day out. It is unique. 
It is now in danger of extinction. 
Through no fault of the zoo, the shadow of uncertainty is cast over the animals and staff. The current pandemic is likely to result in the zoo being closed to visitors for the foreseeable future. The financial stranglehold that puts on the zoo is real and starting to tighten. We cannot allow the demise of Chester Zoo. 
The safety and security of the animals need a viable Chester Zoo. The livelihoods of the staff need a viable Chester Zoo. The future of its vital research work needs a viable Chester Zoo. The magic of the memories my daughter and I hold need Chester Zoo. 
The magic of the memories millions of past visitors holds need Chester Zoo and the magic of memories yet to be made by future visitors need Chester Zoo. 
The fallout from this current pandemic is going to be far-reaching and businesses are going to fall by the wayside. In the challenging months and potentially years ahead, we need havens like Chester Zoo. It is part of the fabric of Cheshire. It is part of the fabric of the country. 
So, when I heard Chester Zoo was appealing for donations to help them weather the current storm, I gave what I could. I cannot talk to the animals. So, if I cannot ‘Dolittle’ then what I can do is donate. 
Visit Don’t do little, if you can, donate. 
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