I am fulfilling my obligation to prep something for this platform. 
I don't know why?! I don't why, in the space of 6 months, I have gone from no social media activity at all to this compulsion to prep which is keeping me from my bed. 
I ask myself why I bother? No-one will read it and anyone who does will not remember with any accuracy what I wrote. It is just words hurled into a maelstrum of words, destined to be lost amidst a hundred thousand other self-indulgent ramblings. 
Then I surf the royalty free image sites looking for a suitable image to use. I find this one. The one I have used. The gay couple sitting outside a coffee shop. It is just a nicely balanced shot, so I have used it. 
Now I am guilty because I look at the shot and think it really is a nice image, maybe I should have saved it and used it when I had something more relevant to say, something more cutting edge... 
What have I said today of any relevance? I wonder. I mean, there was that man this morning (yesterday morning by the time you are reading this or scrolling by, pausing only briefly to think, "nice photo"), what I said to him had relevance. 
He has not seen his children for two years. Two years denied the opportunity to see his children because his ex wife is being difficult. That is not difficult, I said, that is cruel. 
Children have the absolute right to have a relationship with both their parents. I said that to him. It was relevant. 
I wonder if these two have children? He is not wearing socks. Loafers but no socks, surely that just leads to sweaty feet? I wonder what they are drinking? One might be a mojito but it is just a guess. 
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