The Coronavirus pandemic is far from over and in reality it will simply become a permanent feature. As it settles down and in large parts of the world, a degree of normality returns, now the retribution starts. 
Who is to blame? Who will pay the price? What did we do badly? Where did we fail? 
This event is and was an unprecedented one in any of our lifetimes. It was the stuff of a movie script. A virus gripped the entire Earth and tore through the human population with the devastation of a plague of locusts. 
History will eventually tell us if anyone is to blame for its creation so right now, we can only focus on what we did to fight it. We felt helpless. We were under attack and there was seemingly nothing we could do about it. 
We made mistakes. We all made mistakes. Those people who we elected to represent us made mistakes. We were all in the dark. Feeling overwhelmed. Feeling frightened. 
Past generations came together in the face of adversity and shared resources, shared food, shared love. This pandemic drove divisions between all of us. We behaved selfishly. We sought to protect those closest to us at the expense of everyone else. We abandoned the vulnerable. We took from the vulnerable. 
We got to here and we lost some of those we loved along the way. Maybe there is no room for the finger of blame when we are all stood in a house of glass. 
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