“You are so cynical about religion and the options for after we leave this particular platform and go somewhere else albeit we don't know where - or maybe you do? You do seem to have all the answers as you fill a small plate from the smorgasbord of buddhism, hedonism and pagan ritual. 
I follow a more traditional path with a conventional faith in a series of stories which, if analysed are far-fetched, but give a foundation of belief. I hope that the next place is better than this one just as I have to believe that this place is better than the one which came before but despite my best efforts, I can't recall before. 
Then amidst the conflicting stances on theology and religion we have a shared church. A shared cathedral where a comfort uncategorised and uncatalogued breathes and strolls in the cloisters of our conscious minds. Revolt against it as we do, have done and will do and we feel liberated but without foundation; in the present moment but unprotected. 
I take my comfort on my knees at an altar I share with you. Whether divided by distance or time or circumstance or convention, a shared church unites me with you.” 
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