In the period, January to November of this year, 122 women have been killed in the UK as a result of domestic abuse. Just dwell on that number for a minute. 122. One hundred and twenty two. That is one woman, one life, one person roughly every 3 days.  
Imagine that. Imagine if you lost someone you love, a member of your family every 3 days for the last 11 months. Well, someone did. Each of those women had someone who loved them and is now grieving for them. Each one of those women did what you do. They laughed albeit maybe not often. They chatted. They shopped. They watched TV. They went about their life and then someone else saw fit to snuff their life out like an unwanted candle. 
At Daniel Picave, we cannot accept that. We cannot accept that such a statistic exists and behind the statistic is one hundred and twenty two lives that will not be fulfilled. That will not be lived in the way each of us hopes to live ours.  
We feel helpless. We feel entirely helpless about where we can lend our strength, our voice, our outrage but we have to do something.  
Through our fashion brand Picave Le Peg (, we have launched a range of charity tee shirts and sweatshirts. They will stay within our online shops for as long as we have control of the brand; for as long as the brand is trading. They are frivolous, just a bit of fun but £5 from the sale of each and every one is donated towards the work of The Zinthiya Trust and Refuge. Both of these courageous organisations fight tirelessly to alleviate domestic abuse and child poverty. 
Buy a shirt. Buy a shirt because it is the right thing to do. If you don't want a charity tee shirt in your wardrobe then show your support with a donation through our Golden Giving page - 
The one hundred and twenty third woman to lose her life could be someone you know... 
Visit and search 'charity' to see the range of garments triggering a £5 donation.  
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