Daniel Picave, Counsellor, Writer & McKenzie Friend 

An airline pilot is taken ill during a flight and cannot fly the aeroplane for the rest of the journey. A member of cabin crew speaks to the passengers over the tannoy in the vain hope of there being another pilot on board. Two passengers come forward to offer their help.  
The first says, "I have recently finished studying Aviation Engineering at university. I have read a mountain of books on flying and the principles of keeping an aeroplane in the sky. I understand the science. I understand the theory. I know how to fly this aeroplane as I have read and digested all the manuals." The second man listens intently to the first and then says, "I can't say I have studied aviation as I have not. I can't say I have read a mountain of books as I have not. I have some idea of the science and maybe an insight into the theory. Having said all that, I have flown aeroplanes many many times. I know what it feels like to fly an aeroplane. I know the joy and freedom of flight. I know the discomfort of turbulence." Who would you choose to pilot you safely home? 
Daniel Picave is an unlikely blend of the framework of learning and training and the chaos of experience. At Daniel Picave, the team has done the training to allow us to do the job but the real strength is the experience we have. The trials and tribulations of real life. The joy of success. The excruciating pain of failure. The lightheaded giddiness of love. The emptiness of loss. The uncharted waters of mental health. 
At Daniel Picave, we bring functionality to what we offer through the dysfunctionality of what we have felt and what we have experienced. Through all the complexities and the creativity of what we do for our clients, we just seek to be fair and just and deserving of your company. 
We pilot your plane through turbulence, time zones and questionable in-flight catering, so we can all land safely. 

We are Daniel Picave 

Daniel Picave is in the people business but we could not work as well as we do without the incredible talent, experience and sensitivity of our team. They are the cornerstones of our business and they are the support mechanism that our clients rely on. 
Dan heads up our McKenzie Friend and coaching & counselling products. His approach is empathetic and sensitive but his view is that our clients do not come to us in order to leave without tangible change. Ensuring that positive change shapes our client interaction is his sole objective. Dan is also the strategic lead for all aspects of the business of Daniel Picave. 
Richard is the face of our social media which positions positive messages in front of new and existing clients on a daily basis. He understands the importance of constantly providing a strong theme of positive attitude in all our published media. 
Hannah is the designer and driving force behind Picave Le Peg Couture. Working with our manufacturers and print providers, she not only creates the overall look of Picave Le Peg but also constantly monitors the quality of the garments reaching our customers. 
Rachel works within our McKenzie Friend and Coaching & Counselling products. Aside from her workload, Rachel provides our more sensitive clients with a listening ear. She works closely with Dan to empower our clients so they can embrace the positive change we seek to invoke in them. 
Daniel writes. That is the only role he fulfils in the business. That is the only role he fulfils. Daniel writes.  

"Friends can be found in the most unlikely places"... 


What people are saying about Daniel Picave... 

"I was so frightened with the thought of court. He held my hand for two years until it was over, I can never repay him..." - Sarah worked with Daniel Picave, McKenzie Friend 
"There is just something about him which lets you confide in him because you know it will be ok..." - David worked with Daniel Picave, Life Coach 
"He just seems to know what I am thinking most of the time, it is a bit unnerving but then he is a bit unnerving...in a good way" - Kris worked with Daniel Picave, Counsellor 
"My daughter howled with laughter and loved being the star of her own adventure..." - Caley worked with Daniel Picave, Writer 
"I can never thank you enough for all you did for me and I don't think you truly know how much that was..." - Dawn worked with Daniel Picave, McKenzie Friend & Counsellor 
Note: Due to the sensitive nature of our client relationships, all names have been changed. 
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