Daniel Picave, Freelance Writer & Author 

Riding rainbows, strolling with romance, dancing with the macabre 
"So I climbed out of the dustbin and all around me was a forest made of pasta, vermicelli and really big bits of wood. I stopped and looked around. I mean you would, wouldn't you? Her dress moved gently in the breeze momentarily affording me the breath-taking shape of her body before snatching the vision from me again just as quickly. The distinctive smell of cheese was everywhere. Don't ask me what cheese as I don't like cheese but it might have been Wensleydale or maybe just sweaty feet ".... 
Imagination is the single most powerful force on Earth. There's a statement but then at Daniel Picave, we are writers so imagination is our force, our superpower. The ballpoint pen. The blockbuster movie. Landfill. The dining table. Chocolate. That broken garden chair. Wind turbines. Cruelty. Cupcakes. Love... all products of someone's imagination. At Daniel Picave, we are writers and authors. We take the ingredients of a tale and we cook up a story for you. About you. We write truth. We write make believe. We write romance. We write madness. We write. 

What can we write for you? 

Daniel Picave provides writing and authoring services but how those services look is entirely up to you. Maybe you want your love story captured between the pages of your very own novel. Maybe you want your son to be a spy, your daughter to be President of the entire world, President of a different world. Maybe you want your grandchildren to know your life story. Maybe deep down, you have a wicked desire to feature in your own erotic stories. Contact Daniel Picave today and take the first step to your story being crafted. 
What can we write for you? 

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"and then what happened?"... 

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